2011 was an interesting news year in Idaho and around the world. Astronomers found the first Earth sized planet that orbits its star in the "Goldilocks" area that could result in liquid water, there was a hostage situation and murder at a hotel in Twin Falls, and a heroic crowd lifted a burning car off a trapped motorist. Here are the top 10 most popular stories of 2011.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Ted Kennedy’s Daughter, Kara Kennedy, Dies of a Heart Attack at Age 51

    Filmmaker and television producer Kara Kennedy, the only daughter of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, died of a heart attack September 20, 2011 at the age of 51.

  • NBC

    Heroic Crowd Lifts Burning Car Off Motorcyclist

    An incredible amateur video which was shown on ‘Today,’ shows a group of heroic bystanders in Logan, Utah lift a burning, 4,000-pound BMW off the motorcyclist who was trapped underneath.

  • WB, Darren McCollester, Getty Images
    WB, Darren McCollester, Getty Images

    Could Facebook’s ‘Buffy’ Phone Slay the iPhone?

    Facebook plans to enter into the smart phone market in the next 12-18 months with a phone that they have codenamed ‘Buffy.’ And, yes, that’s because Mark Zuckerberg and company thinks the device will be an iPhone slayer.

  • NBC

    Twin Falls “Pioneer Of The Year” To Appeared On Tonight Show with Jay Leno

    A 100-year-old woman from Twin Falls will appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight. Dorothy Custer was named the “Pioneer of the Year” and played her harmonica in front of a national TV audience.

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    Hostage Situation In Twin Falls Ends; ISP Officer Shot, One Man Killed

    An armed suspect is in custody after holding a hostage inside a Twin Falls Hotel. One hostage was involved in the incident. Police say the hostage has been released and is unharmed. Twin Falls Police said at a news conference this afternoon that an unidentified male was shot and killed during the ordeal.

  • NBC

    Buford, WY Has a Population of One

    Feel like getting away from it all? Then consider moving to Buford, Wyoming, where just one man, Don Sammons, comprises the town’s entire population.

  • KCAL

    Man Arrested After IRS Mistakenly Deposits $110K In His Account

    When Stephen McDow discovered there was an extra $110,000 from the IRS in his checking account, it was probably one of the best days of his life. Unfortunately, the money wasn’t for him.

  • YouTube

    New ‘Dyslexie’ Font Created to Help Dyslexia Sufferers

    Dyslexia sufferers have a tough time with basic reading– the learning disability actually causes those afflicted to view words differently than the rest of us. They sometimes see letters flipped upside down, mirrored or even rearranged within a word.

  • NASA

    New Planet Kepler 22b May Prove We’re Not Alone

    Monday marks the day when astronomers made a startling announcement: after years of searching, they’ve discovered an Earth-like planet outside the solar system that may very well be habitable. The new planet Kepler 22b circles a star about 600 light years away — close by astronomical standards — and has a size and distance from its own star that could make for an average surface temperature of just 72 degrees.

  • Aransas County Court / YouTube
    Aransas County Court / YouTube

    Police Investigate Texas Judge After Daughter Posts Video of Beating

    A family law judge in Texas is now under investigation after his daughter posted a video of him beating her with a viciously beating her in 2004 for downloading music and games off the internet. The nearly eight minute video shows the judge whipping his daughter with a belt and getting more irate as she refuses to bend over the bed to get beaten.

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