We live in such a beautiful part of the country. Amazing mountains and hills, waterfalls, rivers and lakes. Plus this summer the weather has been pretty amazing! If you don't stop often and enjoy it you'll miss it or just take it for granted. I was looking through some social media post from the Twin Falls area and it reminded me of how lucky I am to live here. I moved here from Las Vegas more than a decade ago but even then it was hot, crowded, and so fast paced. Twin Falls has been the perfect recipe of all the good things someone needs to be happy.

This summer people from in town and around the world have taken to the streets and trails of the Magic Valley and posted their adventures through pictures online. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I had a lot of options when looking for the best of Twin Falls this Summer on social media. Of course the pictures include great shots of the Shoshone Falls and the Perrine Bridge.

Athena McIntyre at Shoshone Falls.

Janzhenni at Shoshone Falls.

Anna Hernandez at Shoshone Falls with some good advice about doing more in life than just existing.

Nikki at the Snake River Canyon

Usually we just get shots from above the canyon but this summer there were also some cool pictures from under the Perrine Bridge.

And it wouldn't be summer without some BASE jumper pictures and video!

Here's Retrac_clothing with a jump video:

Did you get any cool summer pictures you want us to see? You can share them on our app or with a link to the post below.

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