Up until about 20 minutes ago I had never heard of Campervan Kevin or his YouTube channel. Then I ran across this video titled 'I left Idaho! Where To Next?' and I had to see what this guy was all about. This guy isn't just some rookie with a camera. Campervan Kevin has more than 55,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. With that kind of influence I needed to know if he liked his stay in Idaho or was he going to be bashing the state. Fast forward and he did indeed like Idaho, especially when he found free onions on the side of the road.

Kevin was driving in his camper headed to Ontario, Oregon when he stopped at a restaurant and heard some farmers talking about an onion truck that had spilled onto the road. To his surprise and chagrin, when he headed back out to the highway he found the remnants of the onion truck spill. He pulled over and grabbed himself a bag of these road onions. Then he poses a great question about these kinds of instances. He's gathering onions but what if the truck had been a money truck? Would you gather up money and take it like you would with onions? I'm also thinking that maybe he's seeing some of the remnants of an onion truck that crashed earlier this week near Nampa.

He gives a pretty good rant about different types of onions after that. He also gives some pretty good technical advice and info on AC issues his camper was having. This guy is living a great life. He travels around with his three Yorkie dogs and visits the cool places he wants to. He picked up a cool little motorcycle recently and is currently asking for help from his viewers on coming up with a good name for the bike. His video isn't flashy or high paced but something about this Campervan Kevin is intriguing. I hope he makes another video if he comes back through the Gem state and maybe he'll grab some potatoes to go with his onions.