All you were thinking during that last storm was, "I need to go to Bogus A.S.A.P." Well, you weren't the only one; and that brought on a lot of issues at Bogus Basin over the weekend. According to KTVB, the general manager of Bogus, Brad Wilson sent a letter to the community addressing some of the traffic and parking concerns some guests had over the weekend.

In the letter, Wilson outlined several ways Bogus Basin plans to mitigate those issues in the weeks to come. Some of the initiatives include setting up a team of flaggers "at the intersection of Bogus Basin Road and Curling Drive" to avoid backups on Bogus Basin Rd. Additionally, they plan to have extra parking attendants on weekends and holidays; as the lot gets closer to capacity, they'll set up a "parking lot temporarily full" sign at the bottom of the mountain.

Bogus Basin also had some recommendations for folks in order to avoid frustrations (via KTVB):

  • Drive slow and safe as conditions allow.
  • Use the slow vehicle turnouts.
  • Be patient and respectful of other drivers on the road.


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