Be careful.  There are cattle, other livestock and big game in the road.  The Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office tells Newsradio 1310, KLIX a horse had to be put down this week after it was hit by a car near Hankins Road.   We’ve also seen spikes in crashes with cattle and especially with elk, deer and antelope.  The latter is a lightning fast animal and if you’re driving Route 93 to the Nevada line, you may encounter one as it leaps across the road.  While not as large as an elk, there would still be considerable damage at 65-miles-per-hour. 

remember, your insurance will also be paying for the ranching loss

When it comes to an accident with cattle in free range area, remember, your insurance will also be paying for the ranching loss.  In the case of prized bulls, you’re talking some staggering dollar figures.

Some other driving concerns surround this weekend.  We could be seeing our first snow of the season and it could stick to roads at higher elevations.

In places scorched recently by fire, the expected rain and snow could cause some landslides.  Areas around the Badger Fire have already seen some rock slides.  You should know, getting caught in one of these areas isn’t just embarrassing.  Some areas are still off limits and on federal land you could face a felony and some expensive fines.

If you do get stuck in mud and snow, you could be waiting some time for a response.  Rescue teams would need to contend with the same conditions.  If you do plan some driving at higher elevations, make sure your emergency kit is up to date and tell family and neighbors where you’re going and when you plan to come home.


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