This week marks the first time in several months that the Magic Valley will see evening temperatures dropping below 40-degrees. Frozen windshields, slick roads, and logs on the fire will all be routine additions to life for the next six months or so.

Thursday afternoon a motorist called our office to report dime-sized hail falling south of Twin Falls. The Magic Valley has been the recipient of some light rainfall over the past 24 hours. The forecast for southern Idaho is calling for a chance of snow on Monday, as the combination of moisture and temperatures in the low-thirties, will likely bring us at least a dusting.

For those of us below the 4,000-foot mark, it's definitely not going to be time to break out the boots and sleds, or build a snowman in the front yard. Area ski resorts such as Magic Mountain aren't expected to get much snow accumulation from this approaching system either, but at least the kids will be stoked.

We are blessed to live near popular sites such as Shoshone Falls, which if you can navigate the roads down, offer incredible winter photo opportunities. Overnight temperatures will average the mid-thirties all next week. Sunday (October 10) does look to be very nice in Twin Falls, as temperatures will be in the low-sixties with mostly sunny skies.

Hopefully, the region will get a great deal of rain and snow over the next half year. Idaho, like many states in the west, could certainly use it.

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