Some of you fiddling with your FM dial may have gotten a surprise.  A pleasant one, I’m hopeful.  Our talk format, currently heard on Newsradio 1310 KLIX is also now on FM.  At 96.1.  Same identical programming.  Seven days a week and 24 hours a day.  The only concern I had before launch was simply how far would be the FM reach.  It’s a low power FM.  LPFM in radio jargon.  These are becoming common across the country. Often in use for community radio or licensed to churches.  Some towns and cities have their own signals.

This morning a friend wrote and told me he had the FM signal until he started down the slope past King Hill.

AM signals bounce off the atmosphere and then back to receivers on earth.  While AM has become the ugly, red-headed stepchild in some broadcast companies, it still has one distinct advantage.  FM is line of sight.  If a mountain is in the way, then the signal often stops abruptly.  For many years this was an advantage for AM radio stations in San Francisco and Alaska, where changes in elevation come quickly.  It also fueled streaming and apps.

Idaho is a mountainous place.  In the Magic Valley we still have an advantage.  An FM signal can travel the river valley, where most of the people live.

Monday, I went for an after show drive.  Straight along the Interstate toward Boise.  I was told the signal covers as far away as Wendell.  It was still strong in When I got there, so I drove on to Malad Gorge.  It was a twofer.  The picnic area has a men’s room.  When I got there, the signal was still strong.  The toilets were out of order.  A potable would’ve been available but was toppled over.  At the highway on ramp, I turned west toward Bliss.  I figured it was the closest place with a restroom.  The FM signal was solid still when I pulled into the parking lot at Love’s.

Then I came home because of time reasons.  I’m not sure how long I would’ve had the signal had I continued onward.

This morning a friend wrote and told me he had the FM signal until he started down the slope past King Hill.  Now, I’m curious.  I’d like all of you to try FM 96.1 and see if you can hear our shows.  This is dependent on where you are, the quality of your radio and if you’re inside or outside.  Building materials and nearby groves of trees can alter a signal.

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