Ok, it might sound strange, but hear me out. Pet bereavement days should be a standard across all companies. It is a bold statement, I know, but I have a pretty solid argument.

People Tend To Love Their Pets More Than Some Family Members

I know this isn't true for a lot of people. However, some people feel their pets are closer to them than their family members. And in a way, it is true. You see your pet every day. Your pet greets you and loves you unconditionally. Losing a pet is like losing part of your everyday life.

There Are Still Things That People Have To Do To Take Care Of The Lost Pet

No, it is not nearly as crazy and difficult to get things in line when you lose a pet. You have to figure out if you want to bury it, cremate it, or whatever. The process is mentally draining and people could use the time off to help.

Grief Is Stong And Can Hurt Work Performance

Honestly, it might be more productive for the company to let an employee have that day off. They are going to struggle with their performance at work, and mistakes may happen. It just might be better for everyone to take one day.

It Would Only Have To Be One Day

I think the standard for bereavement is three days for the family. I don't think that three days is needed for a pet. Maybe one standard day off for bereavement for a pet would be good.

It Shows Employees You Care About Them In Multiple Ways

Some people don't have kids, some people can't have kids, and pets are their family. Giving a day for grief isn't much, it shows employees that the company cares about them on a deeper level, and may decrease turnover rates and increase loyalty.

Now, all of this is pretty much theory and what I have put together. I know tons of people will not agree with it, and that's ok. It is an interesting thought.

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