Twin Falls police say they were very busy this past weekend with a number of vehicle related crimes in the area. As am Idaho’s terry mason reports that includes everything from auto theft to someone stealing parts right out of a vehicle.  Police say they recovered two stolen cars, a stolen truck and a stolen motorcycle over the weekend. During the recovery of the truck, a foot chase ensued, ending with the suspect receiving an electroshock from a taser. While investigating the truck theft, police discovered a stolen motorcycle at the residence of the suspect. In addition, there were a number of vehicle burglaries accompanied by vandalism reported in the Harmon Park area. Windows were smashed and purses taken out of vehicles. Police are also searching for a suspect who has been stealing catalytic converters. and compressor parts. At least one catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle at a business on Deere Street. Police are reminding residents to avoid leaving valuables in vehicles, as doing so only invites criminals to commit vandalism and theft.