The Twin Falls Police Department is warning about a recent scam going around Twin Falls. Apparently, people have been getting notifications that they have run red lights and need to pay a fine.

The Twin Falls Police Department said on their Facebook page that if you have gotten emails requesting payment for "red light" traffic violations that it is fraudulent. The City of Twin Falls does not operate any type of red light traffic cameras and they do not monitor for traffic violations through cameras. If you get the email you can forward it to the Twin Falls Police Department and do not send any money to the email address.

It is really sad that more and more scams are going around during a time when people are struggling the most. Traffic violation cameras are a thing in other areas, just not here. It might have been something I fell for when I first moved here because coming from a larger city these things were common. Remember if you aren't sure if something is real, contact the agency that the email supposedly came from. That will not only prevent you from falling victim to a scam but it will give you piece of mind and help others by getting the word out.

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