Twin Falls may well soon have a mask mandate.  Social media was all aflutter over the weekend about a discussion planned for the next council session.  There has been growing pressure from the medical community and mainstream media, both of whom are demanding a mandate.  Which raises the question, do masks work?

If you’re a civil libertarian, you’ll favor evidence that says no.  If you’re from the side that believes government should restrain people from doing things you don’t like, you’ll support research backing masks as a means of slowing COVID-19.

many people simply decided to drive rather than fly.  Which caused a spike in highway traffic deaths

The latter labels the other side “science deniers”.  I don’t deny science.  I’d just like to see as much as I possibly can before making a decision.  Click on this link and you can read about a Danish study.  It attempted to answer the question.  Trouble is, the research team can’t find a publisher.  And I can’t seem to locate any of the findings.

Over the weekend I viewed a 3-year-old video from the Canadian social scientist Jordan Peterson.  He was reflecting on the world post the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack.  Not only did we trade many liberties for security, he cites issues related to airports and air travel, but many people simply decided to drive rather than fly.  Which caused a spike in highway traffic deaths.  He claims the increase on the roads was much higher than the 3,000 people killed in the attacks.

Decisions are made whenever people, media and elites demand government take some action.  Taking none would be a form of action but it leaves politicians subject to attacks for failing to protect us from a threat or perceived threat.  It’s the cause of many political careers going terminal.  The thing is, our fear clouds our judgment and we get unforeseen consequences.

I recorded a short video on the subject.  You can watch by clicking below.

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