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You’ve heard some critics say that marijuana is a sacrament for many liberals and libertarians.  They have an almost religious zeal about smoking and like most zealots, don’t like anyone calling them out.  Even if you’re simply the messenger, passing along some of the latest research and industry news.

The writer Alex Berenson is pointing out that there’s growing evidence of marijuana being harmful.  He cites a lengthy Danish study that warns that prolonged use can result in schizophrenia.  This isn’t the first research drawing the same conclusion, but it’s the most massive when it comes to the survey size and had a decade of research.  The findings suggest marijuana isn’t good for you.  It’s very, very bad for you.

As soon as I shared it on air, some young pot smoker wrote me a poison pen text and told me being a fat guy was bad for my health.  Do you call that deflection?  He doesn’t want to know about the evidence.  He wants to shout people down.  What I believe about marijuana use isn’t the story here.  The tale is about young lives being destroyed and people deflecting by saying obesity, tobacco, and alcohol are worse and, yet.  The deflection doesn’t make reefer healthier.

Additionally, I’m not enforcing drug laws.  I don’t arrest people, jail them and I don’t sentence them.  I’m just passing along data, and need to mention I haven’t ever seen any studies that encourage the use of pot because it’s good for you.

Then there is the old argument from the users that if it’s legal we can tax it and ease the burden on funding the government.  An old friend in Kent, Washington told me that was the argument in her state.  Now there is a licensed government trade and an illegal market.  She says smokers like the potency of the stuff they buy on street corners.

As for the government benefiting from the revenue, at what social cost?  Check out this link from The Nation, an incredibly liberal publication.  People are dying for your pleasure.  That speaks volumes about your character.

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