However you look at it, there is always a price to pay for recycling.  Twin Falls city officials are concerned that the city’s cost to dump the solid waste produced by city residents may be going up by about a dollar per ton.  A big reason for the increase is because of the success of the city’s recycling program.  The  amount of waste being taken to the Milner butte landfill has dropped significantly.  A drop in tonnage at the Southern Idaho Solid Waste landfill means less revenue for the landfill district.  That translates into the need to raise rates.  City Manager Travis Rothweiler and Councilman Lance Clow took the city’s concerns to the Twin Falls County Commissioners yesterday to see if they could do something.  The short answer is probably not.  Twin Falls County is only one vote out of seven on the Southern Idaho Solid Waste District board and the other members have their own interests to watch out for.  If the other members can’t be convinced otherwise, the city of Twin Falls could be facing a one dollar per ton increase soon.  Officials say they will continue to work together to try to find a solution.

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