Twin Falls Public schools strive to offer consistent education to every school in the district. However, there are some factors that make each school different.

Some Twin Falls schools are held in new buildings, have established teachers and administrators, are in more central locations, etc. For all of these reasons and more, parents often times request to move their children to a school that is out of their designated school zone or district. If you would like to move your children out of their school zone or district, there are a few things you need to know.

Eva Craner, Director of Public Relations for the Twin Falls School District stated,

There are some stipulations detailed in our policy. For instance, we do not provide transportation for out-of-district, or out-of-zone students. We also have class size and program constraints. As an example, if we have a school that is under capacity, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can take an out-of-district 3rd grader. We have to make sure we have enough teachers to support optimum class sizes in that school. Optimum class sizes vary by grade.

Craner highly recommends parents read The Twin Falls School Districts out of district policy thoroughly. Other stipulations apply that parents need to be aware of when requesting to move their children.

Stipulations aren't the only concern parents should have. Re-enrollment is also very important. The Twin Falls School District's policy states that as long as the students reapply for enrollment, the principal shall treat students as if he/she resides in that school's attendance area. Please note certain circumstances do apply.

After parents have reviewed the policy, they will need to complete a form. Forms are located at the bottom of the policy. Forms need to be submitted to the Twin Falls School District Office beginning on January 1. All forms are considered on a first-come-first-served basis.

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