The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office posted on their Facebook page that another Social Security scam is making it's way through the area. They do have 208 are code numbers but that does not mean it is valid.

According to the sheriff's Facebook page, the scam is a recording telling people that there is an issue with their social security number and a warrant is out for their arrest. Some people are reporting getting the call 4 to 5 times per day. Just because they are persistent does not mean that it is real.

Please remember that if for some reason you fear the authenticity of a call, always hang up and call the agency that they are claiming to be part of. Also, police do not call and tell you that you have a warrant out for your arrest, they just come and arrest you if that is the case.

These types of scams really are aimed at the elderly and those who may not have a full understanding of the new technology and a mind for potential scammers. For me, if someone is calling from a number I do not recognize, I automatically assume it is a scam and if it is important they will leave me a voice mail. But some scammers will leave voicemails as well. Just be diligent and don't give your personal information away over the phone.

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