We’ve had a running discussion on Top Story about the size of the national debt.  Officially, it’s just below 20 trillion dollars.  One billion is 1,000 million.  One trillion is one thousand billion.  Times that by twenty!  Some even warn the 20 trillion dollar figure is wrong, and because of unfunded liabilities (pensions and health benefits for government retirees), the number could be many times higher.

What will the United States do if creditors call the notes?  Or, if the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency (and therefore the printing press stops)?  Do we mothball the military to pay rising costs for Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security?  Do we stop paving roads and lighting street lamps?  Even the stupidest liberal voting block must see the writing on the wall.  The free lunch is coming to an end.

This is a link explaining some of the insurmountable challenges ahead.  Enjoy!

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