The Coronavirus pandemic has caused some pretty significant issues in Idaho. Schools are cancelled, events are rescheduled and there isn't a roll of toilet paper in sight. The Twin Falls Senior Center had to close as well, so there is a St. Patrick's Day event tomorrow that is looking for a way to help those at the biggest risk during this time.

The St. Patrick's Day celebration will be at The Barber Shop at Gehrig, Dale & Co in Downtown Twin Falls at 537 Main Avenue East from noon until 6 p.m. Big Fatty's BBQ will be bringing in corned beef, potatoes and carrots and everyone can eat for a donation.

The Twin Falls Senior Center is shut down so many seniors will not be able to get out of their homes and mingle. That is putting an even bigger hardship on their programs like Meals on Wheels. Donated items that they will be looking for are toilet paper, canned goods, deodorant, tooth paste, dry goods, pretty much anything you can think of they are in need of right now. Money donations will also be accepted.

Sleep Solutions will be bringing a trailer to the shop and the goal is to fill the trailer with items that the Twin Falls seniors are in such desperate need of. For more information you can contact Stan Sorenson at the barber shop.

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