The Owyhee County sheriff, who has been under pressure to resign, is the target of new complaints. County commissioners have asked for Sheriff Daryl Crandall to resign on more than one occasion. Now, 22-year-old Jewel Hance of Marsing is one of the latest people to file a complaint.  Hance is staying at her mother's home in Twin Falls because she's too afraid to enter Owyhee County after she says she was mistreated and threatened inside the Owyhee County Jail. Hance recently filed a two-page complaint asking for an investigation into actions by Crandall and the sheriff's office.


Hance says it all started last fall when her husband was being arrested for a parole violation outside their Marsing home. She says a deputy used excessive force on her for no reason.  Hance says she was arrested and placed in the Owyhee County Jail. That's where she said she was cornered by Crandall, the deputy who placed her in the choke hold, and three others who questioned her about having a sexual relationship with one of the deputies. Hance believes Crandall wanted her to confess so they would have grounds for firing a deputy. The AG's office is already investigating Crandall, although they won't say for what, after seizing computers from the sheriff's office. In 2010, Crandall was investigated for mishandling public money, but no charges were filed.

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