There is one thing that Twin Falls might be first for… having a resident who is the oldest active base jumper.  The Times News reports that 82 year old Lena Thomas BASE jumped off the Perrine Bridge last Friday with her daughter, 58 year old Terri Scott of Concord, California.  Mark Kissner, the co-owner of Tandem BASE of Twin Falls, says as far as he knows, Lena Thomas is the oldest person he knows of who has made a BASE jump, beating the previous unofficial record of a 72 year old man.  Lena says she likes the adventurous side of life.  She began her more adventurous side after her husband died in 1994.  She said her husband was not a big fan of adventure like this.  Thomas made a good landing in the Snake River Canyon strapped to her instructor…she landed on her feet.

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