Melvin Simpson



BURLEY, Idaho (KLIX)- Cassia County Sheriff's officials have arrested two men on attempted kidnapping after trying to take an elementary child near a Burley school.

According to Cassia County Sheriff Jay Heward two Burley men, Melvin Dewayne Simpson, 40, and Vadian Eugene Dougal, 50, were arrested this afternoon and booked into the Cassia County Jail. Sheriff Heward couldn't provide too many details because of the on-going investigation. However, Heward says one of the suspects allegedly tried to grab a student while on their way to school. The student was able to fight their way free and reported the incident to school staff. Sheriff Heward says there was separate incident later in the day that was related but couldn't provide details at this time.

According to District Spokesperson Debbie Critchfield three girls reported a man attempted to get them to come to his vehicle as buses where dropping off students at White Pine Elementary. The girls went inside and reported what had happened to a teacher who went outside to investigate. Critchfield says the teacher didn't find anyone and reported the incident to the principal who then called authorities. Cassia police increased patrols around the school.

District Superintendent Dr. Gaylen Smyer tells News Radio 1310 that they are working with the Cassia County Sheriff to work out the exact details as to what happened Monday.  Critchfield says the students did what they were supposed to and told adults immediately. The district informed other schools and told them to be extra vigilant. Sheriff Heward says Simpson and Dougal could be facing more charges as the investigation continues.