BOISE, Idaho (KLIX)-Two Californians will spend nearly three years behind bars each for passing fake $100 bills at stores in Twin Falls during the winter.

According to U.S. Attorney Bart Davis, Nicole Perez and Equallette Ballesteros, both 34, were sentenced on July 29, to 33 months each in federal prison after they pleaded guilty to passing counterfeit obligations of the United States. Both women will have to serve three years of supervised release once they are let out of prison. According to court records the two knowingly used counterfeit $100 bills at retailers in Twin Falls around January 4 and 5 earlier this year.

Two other co-defendants have yet to be sentenced, 27-year-old Richard Hernandez, and 22-year-old Matthew Rodriguez-Islas. The two men are set to be sentenced in September at the federal courthouse in Boise.

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