According to the Lewiston Sun Journal, we could be facing a french fry shortage due to a poor potato harvest.

A colder than normal October in some parts of the country led to some potatoes being lost to frost.  In other instances, early snow storms caused potatoes to be left in the field.

U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts potato output will drop 6.1% this year.  That's the lowest since 2010.

In addition to the lower yield, another problem for fry makers is that the potatoes that were harvested are smaller.  French fry companies prefer the larger, longer, potatoes.  Makes sense, right?  You don't want short, stubby, fries.

On top of the potato shortage, Canada has increased its french fry production.  This could lead to increased prices and a tighter supply here in the United States.

It's not the same as a golden, crispy, fries, but maybe it's time to trying out some new side dishes.  Cous-cous?  Rice?  Fried tortilla shells?  Grilled tofu?  Just tossing out some ideas.


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