I could spend hours looking at old planes, trains and automobiles.  Come to think of it, I often do!  The July 2021 Northwest Air Tour made a stop in Buhl on Wednesday.  Thursday, it’s on to the airport in Jerome.  Many of these planes have some long hours on them but have been meticulously maintained.  I watched as one pilot polished his maroon wings and another tinkered with an engine.  Then I looked skyward and saw four old biplanes in tandem making an approach.

Of course, I had just put away the camera and was on my way out of the Buhl Airport when I saw them on the way.  When the antiques landed, I fired up the zoom and tried getting some pictures.

The weather was perfect at mid-day.  Not too hot and the smell of wildfire smoke wasn’t nearly as pungent as when I left work in Twin Falls.  I was impressed by the crowd at 11:00 o’clock in the morning.  It’s quite obvious there are a lot of flying enthusiasts in Buhl.  The “Buhl Air Force” entertains during the Independence Day Parade.

I did note some of the smaller planes I saw.  Twenty years ago, I could’ve squeezed inside but not today.  Some are old spotter aircraft.  Two seats.  One behind the other.  I’m used to a bit more room.  I’ve been aloft in both a B-17 and a B-25.  An uncle was killed in the latter.  At the time I didn’t know the story.  I was just enjoying the flight.  In the B-17 I could stand up and walk around during the trip.  It wouldn’t be possible in some of the smaller craft I saw in Buhl, however.  Some have open cockpits and it must be a thrill to be hundreds to a thousand feet off ground and getting a taste of the breeze.

We’ve come a long way in just under 120 years.  From the Wright Brothers to Richard Branson.  Human ingenuity remains a wonderful thing.

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