Here's a shocker for you. Vogue Magazine just named the top 10 Hottest Travel Destinations in the World for 2017. Guess who made the list? Look in the mirror.

That's right. According to Vogue, Idaho is one of the hottest travel destinations IN THE WORLD this year. You might think this is just a United States thing. Even that would be great. But, no, this is for the entire world.

Other hottest destinations include Denmark, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and locations just about anyone would consider "exotic". So, how did little ole Idaho make the list? Here's part of the reason that Vogue included.

Hemingway’s beloved Sun Valley, while often overlooked for glitzier mountain towns like Telluride, Park City, and Jackson Hole, is having a renaissance. America’s first destination ski resort area offers some of the best slopes in the U.S. and still maintains a laid-back mountain-town feel (think Aspen in the ’60s).

How crazy is that? Idaho is the only American destination in the entire list. Eat your heart out, California, Colorado and all the other ritzy places that normally get noticed. This time, it's our turn.

Excuse us while we do our best Zoolander pose.

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