There is a picture I remember seeing of a woman who fell from the Empire State Building.  I was a little boy and found it very disturbing.  When she finally came to a stop atop a parked car, her impact crushed the vehicle.  I toured the building twenty years ago and was warned a coin tossed from the upper floors could potentially slice through an innocent person below.  If you get caught behaving like an immature idiot, you’ll find yourself in serious trouble.

Would it surprise you to know that there are some simpletons who throw objects off the Perrine Bridge over the Snake River?  I had a caller on Magic Valley This Morning and he shared a warning.  A friend of his was below on a kayak when he started hearing rocks smacking the surface of the water.  486 feet below.  This isn’t just dangerous, it could be deadly and if you’re the jackass tossing the stones, you could spend a lot of time behind bars.

The caller shared his story with Sergeant Ken Mencl from the Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office.  Deputies aren’t surprised.  They’ve had the same thing happen when patrolling by boat on the river.  They also have the advantage of radioing law enforcement above and it could result in your arrest and personal humiliation.

Several years ago I was working in a newsroom and covered a similar tragic story.  A man was driving along an interstate highway when some stupid adolescents threw a massive rock off a bridge.  It crashed through his windshield.  He was killed even before his car crashed.  Those kids learned about life during their teenage years in a reformatory.

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