It's not often that you get real close to an antelope in Idaho. But, one eastern Idaho guy did and instantly knew something was wrong. In this case, it was because of a barbed-wire fence.

The Idaho State Journal shared the story of Bret Lee from near Spencer. He came across a pronghorn antelope that wasn't running from him. In the antelope world, this doesn't happen in normal circumstances.

The video of Bret's heroic efforts were shared on the Xtreme Idaho Facebook page.

Technically, the pronghorn is an antelope by relation if you read the fine print on the National Wildlife Federation website. But, they are part of the same family and share a similar foot speed when spooked. 60 MPH is very doable by a pronghorn.

In Idaho, it's not OK to hunt pronghorn antelope outside of a controlled hunt, according to Idaho Fish and Game.

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