Talk about a meaningless exercise…

This video made the rounds over the weekend.  It shows a large group of people renouncing their “white privilege”.  As if it’s like a jacket and you can shed it and leave it behind.  This is the type of virtue signaling we used to call an empty gesture.  It changes nothing.

If you’re a poor black teenager dodging broken glass and burned buildings, where’s the benefit?

If you’re a poor black teenager dodging broken glass and burned buildings, where’s the benefit?

The white people in the video likely all went home and settled into a casual evening watching Netflix.  They could also text their friends and share their wonderful experience.

The next morning they rose, walked to the driveway and went to work.  Absolved of their sins.  What did they actually sacrifice?  They’re not giving the car to some poor soul.  Are they going to empty their bank accounts and share it with the poor?

Did you ever see the film Becket?  It’s a historical drama released shortly after the death of President Kennedy.  The title character is named Archbishop and immediately gives away all his material possessions to the destitute.  That’s renunciation!  He eventually gives up his life for his faith.

When I was in college my younger brother had a pretty friend.  He introduced me and when I asked what her plans were, she explained she wanted to be a social worker.  It was noble.  She came from a very wealthy family.  A grandfather had been a chemical engineer involved with the development of plastics, or so I was told by a local businessman.

My brother bit a lip as she explained her future dream.

Later, he told me he didn’t believe it would work.  “She’s going to pull into the ghetto in her BMW,” he offered.  “And nobody ever will believe she’s sincere.”

There is a naivety among the young and especially among the left.  Hollow gestures pass for action.  You can check out the video below:

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