Have you or someone you know ever stopped to snap a picture next to one of the 'Welcome to Idaho' signs when driving to or from the state? Well, you may have noticed that some of those signs are adorned with stickers of all shapes and sizes. One of these 4'x8' signs can soon sit in your home!

According to KTVB, the Idaho Transportation Department will be auctioning off the retired sign that used to welcome visitors on the Idaho-Nevada border. You have until September 26 to bid on the sign online. The bid started at just $100 and as of today (9/19), the bid was up to $1,580. You can CLICK HERE to place your bid.

The sign, technically, wasn't retired because it was worn out. Instead, ITD decided to replace it because there were too many tattoos! So, what's to stop visitors to cover it up again? An employee with ITD actually came up with a great idea to keep the tradition alive while preserving the life of the sign.

ITD has placed a large metal cutout in the shape of Idaho and slapped a few stickers on it to encourage others to use that sign instead. So far, it's worked!

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