2018 was a huge year for bands coming through Idaho. Maybe you went to a concert (or two) or maybe you missed out on all the great bands that come through. There was definitely one concert that was more popular than all the others though. When Journey and Def Leppard came to Boise in September, their tour made over $830,000 that night at the Ford Idaho Center. Billboard put together a list of the highest grossing concerts in each state along with attendance details. According to them, more than 8,000 people went to the Def Leppard/Journey show...which actually seems like a low number.

That's small peaches compared to some of our neighbor states though. When Justin Timberlake went to Utah he brought in almost 15,000 people and $2 Million. That seems small though compared to the numbers for the Taylor Swift show in Washington where she brought in $8.6 Million and over 56,000 people!

You can check out the full list including each state at the Billboard site and I'll save you the trouble of searching - the biggest single day concert was Taylor Swift in New Jersey with $22 Million and 165,000 people. Let us know in the comments what concert you are excited for in 2019.

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