I walked into one of my favorite diners last week and looked at the list of burgers.  There was even a choice for a plant based product.  This happened to be in Bliss, which leads me to believe the veggie patty is for passing tourists.  They stop and admire the canyon and dinosaur and then can avoid eating meat during lunch.  I skipped the burgers all together and wolfed down some biscuits and gravy.

I tried one of these plant burgers years ago (I wrote about this previously).   I realize we’ve come a long way since the early 90s and the flavor I’m told is greatly improved.  Still, my first experience convinced me to stay with beef.

And the libs really, really despise ranch and farm raised beef and other meats.

The newest rival to your traditional burger or steak are meats grown in labs.  The people doing the marketing don’t like the lab reference or “Franken foods” and I can understand why.  They know the more people mock the product the more difficult it can be to convince people it’s a better alternative.  And the libs really, really despise ranch and farm raised beef and other meats.

Where they’ve failed with the tofu and pressed soybeans they believe they can replicate the same taste with the living cells cultivated in petri dishes.  They explain it’s more humane and will preserve current grazing lands.  Which, I guess can then be converted into vacation playgrounds for visitors from Silicon Valley.

Amanda Radke at Beef Daily is compiling some of the latest news media stories about lab grown meats.  As you can imagine, the fellow traveling virtue signalers in America’s newsrooms are doing their best to convince you the petri dish beef and chicken are the hippest trend on the planet.  Radke doesn’t see it as a serious threat to traditional ranching.

I’m waiting for Taylor Swift to tell me to make the switch to a test tube burger.  As she’s a successful entertainer and the smartest person in America I very much need her guidance!

In the meantime, pass the ketchup.

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