I posted a review of a pistol on the Facebook page of a friend.  He had just purchased one and was praising its handling.  I looked up the model and the reviewers were also very impressed.  I shared the review to his page and there were several comments.  People were very curious about the model.  My friend is Todd Eccles from Patriot Defense.  He teaches firearms safety.  He’s also one of the Gun Guys heard Friday mornings on Newsradio 1310 KLIX.

People were very curious about the model.

The other Gun Guy, Forrest Andersen, was one of those commenting on the review when he saw Todd’s page.  Forrest owns Washington Street Pawn.  He’s a licensed firearms dealer.

A few minutes later, Facebook pulled the post.  A review of a legal product and one likely owned by millions of law abiding Americans.  The Gun Guys and I had a discussion about the decision by the social media giant.  It was during the first segment of our weekly show, March 12th.  You can hear the discussion by clicking on the video below.  I apologize for not having a picture available for the model we discussed.  The video is covered with pictures of legal firearms I’ve looked at when I’m at guns shows or when I’m visiting many of the gun museums across the Mountain West.

We’re living in perilous times.  This link explains how many current law abiding citizens could be turned into criminals simply by changes in gun laws being pursued by liberals.

Are the elites in our government afraid of the people they represent?  You be the judge.

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