Single in Idaho?  You’re out of luck.  Your odds of finding a significant other are among the worst in America.  Assuming that you really and desperately want someone to nag you.  Newsweek places Idaho fifth worst place in the nation for being single.  Nevada is the third worst, but you can pay for companionship there, and it’s legal (that’s what I’ve read).

According to the story, part of Nevada’s issues come from online criminals posing as possible paramours, or that’s how I read the data.

Other factors are related to finding people who share some of your beliefs, however.  I wouldn’t find that difficult in Idaho.  Most people here, married or single, share political beliefs and have similar views about faith.  I had lunch this week with a woman who has political views that are almost like looking in a mirror.  Accept that she’s far better looking than yours truly!  I did have to drive an hour for lunch, and distances between people in the rural Intermountain West could be a factor.

The story says employment can play a part.  The jobless aren’t generally attractive mates.  With near full employment in Idaho, that wouldn’t appear to be a cause for being single here.

If a lot of single guys in Idaho are like me, it could be that we’re just not that exciting.  My idea of weekend leisure is reading and watching documentaries.  I don’t often send flowers and I’m not big on fine dining.  I’m fine with being single up to a point.  Nobody tells me to pick up my socks.

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