May 21st is a pivotal day in Twin Falls future.  You’re being asked to approve new fire facilities.  Imagine a day when you need the fire department and there’s a delay.  We can improve response times by modernizing fire stations and training but there is a cost.

What is the price for public safety?With early voting already underway many people have already made a decision.  Before you vote I would hope you would listen to members of the citizen committee that did intense research on the project.

There is a need.  I’m posting a picture of land being prepared for new housing development.  These projects are changing the face of our city.  The surging population of Twin Falls is only one variable in the request for three new fire stations and a training center.

If you need to know more, you can listen to the video below.  It includes discussion about the price tag.

I tend to shy away from endorsing public projects, however.  On this count, I’m 100% behind the plan.  Heck, it may not even go far enough but it’s better than what we currently have in place.

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