I find Greg Lanting to be a personable guy and he laughs easily during a conversation.  I can’t understand some of his actions early in his tenure as one of my two representatives at the Capitol in Boise.  During a hearing of the House Education Committee last week, Lanting vented about the volume of emails he’s receiving.  Specifically on one bill.  I understand his frustration.  I have a work email account and two private accounts.  All three are daily overrun with unwanted messages, however.  I’m not sure it’s a good look to say you’ll change a vote to spite the messengers.

Committee Chair Julie Yamamoto tried tossing him a lifesaver.

Legislators need to realize modern communication and technology track your words and the video can be public in a matter of seconds.

Today I had some other thoughts about Lanting’s freshman adventure.  He opposed a school choice bill.  I saw a U.S. Representative from Iowa on television this morning.  She was praising her fellow Republicans for adopting school choice.  Utah also took the plunge this year.

At least Lanting was consistent when it came to rejecting a bill allowing parents to teach their own children driver’s education.  He was opposed and didn’t need to change his vote after a veto by the Governor.  Several other Republicans who supported the initiative caved on the override attempt.

Two years ago, the American Conservative Union placed Idaho as the seventh most conservative state in the union.  Last year it slipped to 23rd and now we have Republican legislators opposed to parental decisions and others suggesting taxpayers cover the expense of feminine hygiene products in bathrooms at schools.

Funny, the Republicans who warn me we’re going to become Colorado are backing the least conservative folks in their caucus.

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