I suppose it would be next to impossible to remove David Nye from the federal bench.  Nye is a U.S. District Judge and just before schools opened in Idaho, he made it clear Johnny can claim he’s Jenny and then share a bathroom with the girls.  He said he needs time to review the case.  Nye isn’t sure about the differences between boys and girls.  He and his wife could stand before a mirror and instantly clear up this matter, but then some of the liberals at his country club might not socialize with him.  Or maybe he believes your daughter should be ogled by a 200-pound hairy-chested classmate.

Some U.S. District Judges have been removed, most famously for being open to accepting bribes.  Unfortunately, none have been impeached for being abject fools.

You’re now going to see a lack of courage among many Idaho legislators.  They may have voted for the law, now temporarily on hold, but in the usual mealy-mouthed response, some will say it’s up to the court.  They passed the legislation to appease a noisy constituency, but the judge is a member of their elite clique.

If members of the Idaho House and Senate want to continue appeasing the masses, they can stop dragging their feet on school choice.  From what I’ve seen in recent sessions the idea gets shelved because leadership doesn’t like the people offering the bill.  Oh, and I suppose the campaign cash keeps coming from the education lobby.

One of the highlights of my broadcasting career was using my microphone to bring down a two-decade member of the U.S. House of Representatives.  I enjoyed it immensely.  I need another endorphin high.

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