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An old neighbor worked in both the Nixon and Reagan White Houses.  Lee Transeau was a mathematician.  He would pour through budgets and look for waste.  Then he would propose cuts.  He would speak facetiously of the response he would get from liberals.

“One million kids will die,” they would shout.  Lee would walk them through some figures.  “One hundred thousand children will die,” would follow.  When he got them down to 10,000, they would usually walk away in frustration.

It’s a bit like the library bill passed by the Idaho House and Senate.  One librarian insisted he wouldn’t be able to issue library cards to anyone under 18 years old for fear of prosecution.  Other claims were that works of art would have to be covered and that nobody could read some great but tawdry novels.  The bill simply aims to keep pornography out of the sight of kids.

For another comparison, some smaller hospitals are warning they’re closing their OB/GYN units because of the state’s new abortion ban, which isn’t even a total ban.  Never mind that there was already a doctor shortage.  The liberals get better mileage from their fellow travelers by blaming the law and the Republican majority.

We saw the same playbook used against school choice, which the teacher’s union and the education bureaucracy fear.  “Rural schools will be forced to close,” they screamed.  Considering there’s a small census in rural Idaho, the local government school will probably not have any challengers.  What they really fear is competition.

If you know the rhetorical tricks used by the left and echoed by their allies in mainstream media, you’ll see straight through them.  Oh, and when they call the severing of children's private parts "gender-affirming care," they've descended into evil.

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