I've seen my share of strange viral challenges in past years, but this one might just take the cake. Does a bathtub full of pink elephants strike anyone as romantic?

In my quest to leave you all with a memorable Valentines Day gift, I came across this video on YouTube. Apparently, people fill their tubs with stuffed animals as a way to display their affection towards another. If I arrived home to this, a bonfire would be the first image to pop into my head.

In the video, a super intense guy who appears to have just pounded multiple Red Bulls and clean and jerked himself into a frenzy,  describes what is known as the "Stuffed Animal Bath Challenge."  The amazing thing to me is, the women in the video (his wife I presume) appears to be overcome with joy at this gesture. What am I missing?

So, I have to ask, has anyone in Twin Falls ever attempted this? And if so, was it received anywhere near as well as it was in this video?

Happy Valentines Day!