I’d like to live in a national park.  Specifically, the picture above.  It’s at Glacier National Park in Montana.  I saw a meadow and then looked out at the water before me. I thought this is where I could retire.  Trouble is, the government may not approve!  I came across a website today and a writer explains that you can live in a national park.  Sometimes for free.  Check out this link.  Some retirees get free lodging or a campsite for free by volunteering for a season or a year.

You can also get a free place to stay with some paying jobs in the park system.

I've Lived in a Park

I grew up in a state park system.  My dad was a superintendent and part of the compensation package was usually a house.  We’re talking about some truly beautiful homes with great views.  The pay wasn’t great but if you’re not saddled with a mortgage…

Over the weekend I was watching a documentary about an Englishman who studies historic churches.  He mentioned when he was a boy that his father was the pastor of a large church and the family lived for many years in an adjacent mansion.

Be Careful Where You Build

Getting back to my desire to live at Glacier, I’m reminded about another bit of English history.  Do you remember this humorous bit from a Bugs Bunny cartoon about the Sheriff of Nottingham building a home in the King’s Royal Gardens?  I don’t think I would get nearly that far after unloading the lumber in the park.

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