If someone gave you Circus Peanuts for Halloween, would they get their windows soaped?  

People who gave out coins or some lame candy would get streaks of soap on their home or car windows.

I’m told soap is an eastern thing, but when I was a kid there were some bad elements and they would carry bar soap on Halloween.  People who gave out coins or some lame candy would get streaks of soap on their home or car windows.  The same thugs would string toilet paper and spray shaving cream on younger children.  Those same fellows later had addresses at the county jail and even a medium security prison.

I liked Circus Peanuts (and still do).  I also liked candy corn (and still do).  But Clark Bars and Milky Way were preferable.  Any candy on paper strips was dreadful.  Some of the paper always stayed with the candy.  You just as well could’ve chewed on the toilet paper in the trees.  Same texture.

Back in the dark ages, I don’t believe we had miniaturized peanut butter cups.  In fact, I don’t think I ever tasted a peanut butter cup until one day I was coming home from my paper route.  I stopped at the drug store for a package of bubble gum cards and decided instead to try Reese’s.

Oh, and any chalky candy was also on the rejected list.  You may remember these came in wax paper and had a whiff of flavor but otherwise should have been used on your school blackboard.

Every year a survey comes out and lists favorite candies by state.  Usually just before Halloween.  I believe last year Idaho’s favorite was KitKat.  Followed closely by peanut butter cups.

Oh, and one other last beef about candy from my era.  The people who gave out the wax tubes with flavored water.  I think the wax got employed if you didn’t have soap.


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