I don’t believe I’ve tasted a peep in 15 years.  On the other hand, you can have some fun with them in a microwave oven.  Dentists must own stock because the sugar-coated sugar has probably rotted a lot of teeth!

Several Facebook friends tell me they like peeps, but only when stale.  They slice open a package and then abandon it for a few weeks.  Then they return and eat the hard pile of marshmallows.  There’s no middle ground.  Everybody else replying can’t stand them.

I like Circus Peanuts, but I’m told I’m in a minority.  If all the people who claimed to hate Peeps, Circus Peanuts, and candy corn refused to eat the controversial candies, they wouldn’t be on grocery store shelves.

Many years ago I worked with a guy who now serves as the radio voice of the Cincinnati Bengals.  Thirty years ago he hosted a college football pregame show.  He would come into the studio on a Saturday with a big bag from McDonald’s.  One day he told me you can identify a liar when someone tells you they never eat at McDonald’s.  I would say the same about people who claim they never eat certain candies.

It’s similar to a story a friend told me several years ago.  He was a local GOP precinct committeeman.  He was at a McDonald’s drinking coffee and working on his laptop.  A pair of women at a neighboring table complained about my radio program.  One huffed that she never listened.  Then she started complaining about something she heard me say the day before!

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