Floral Avenue is an ugly red-headed stepchild.  I’ve been told it’s the last unpaved street in the city (there may be a block or two elsewhere).  A fellow sent me a picture of the sign.  It was nailed to a pole at the intersection of Eastland Drive.  I got a good belly laugh (mine are very loud considering the size of the resonating chamber!)  I dropped him a line with some questions about the situation.  He wrote back and explained he has often made a case for getting the street paved but claims his pleas fall on deaf ears.

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I left work and drove to the intersection of Floral and Madrona.  I can see his point about the mud and craters.  My car has a low clearance and I decided to go back to Kimberly Road and get a better look at his sign a few blocks away.  It was quite visible.  There was also a considerable amount of traffic passing me as I was getting a couple of pictures.  It’s amusing but I’ll wager it won’t last long.  The weather or someone from the city code office will come by and take it down.

The Worst Neighborhood for Twin Falls Monopoly?

Its main claim to fame appears to be warehousing.  There were some large tractor-trailer rigs bumping along the craters.

It was cloudy and cold when I was there and I suppose it only made the experience even more depressing.  In summer you at least get dry conditions and sunshine.  Though, I still imagine the neglected lane is an eyesore.

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