We live in a time of rapidly changing technology. My phone is two years old and already considered dated and the newest gaming system I have at home is a Nintendo Wii. I still like the Wii, but they haven't sold it new in stores since October of 2013 and don't even support it anymore. A few years ago we got our first smart TV with built in WiFi and streaming apps. That was a game changer in our house since we were upgrading from a giant, not in size but weight, old television. The upgrade to a smart TV was great but there was one flaw that haunts us to this day with the brand of TV we bought: it came with Netflix but not Hulu. At that time I was fine with the lack of a major streaming service because I didn't have any shows that I watched that required Hulu. My wife was not as accepting of the flaw, so with our next TV she made sure it had all the apps we needed.

Here's where I show how slow I am to update to new tech. Since the older smart TV didn't have Hulu I was able to bypass the problem by using my even older Nintendo Wii console because it did have the Hulu app. I never had to buy a Roku device to get streaming services on my TV. If you did get a Roku when they first became a household item, you may soon be disappointed again with your service because Netflix won't be able to run on the first generation Roku devices starting in December of this year, 2019. You can easily tell if your device is affected by looking at the cables for hookup. If it uses an HDMI cable you will be fine but if you are using the red, white, and yellow cables you are out of luck. Cord Cutters News also says that if your Netflix doesn't offer the autoplay next option then you will need to upgrade. Unless you have a Nintendo Wii laying around then you'll be good like I am for now because you can also get the Netflix app on it along with Hulu.

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