Negro Was the Polite Term (Opinion)
Now conservatives are joining the politically correct and attacking their own.  Check out the latest link here from the writer known as Publius Decius Mus.  He’s challenging many ranking think-tank conservatives who are now calling everyone they don’t like a…
A Redundant Election? (Opinion)
For many Idaho Republicans, the real Election Day was last week.  As many in the GOP face token or no opposition in November, it’s now just a long wait to take office in January.  We spoke this morning with the dean of Idaho journalism, Randy Stapilus, about the primary and…
Commentary: Breaking the Two Party System
Democrats and Republicans repent.  Some pundits predict the parties are over.  A friend from Alabama sent me a link from something called  A writer at the site is promoting Donald Trump’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for Preside…
Commentary: A Happy Slinky Tune for a Great Depression
With Greek insolvency threatening to upend the global order I decided to put a happy face on the tragedy. My own lyrics but a favorite childhood jingle:
What breaks down banks, alone or in droves
And makes a Democrat sound
A buck, a buck, a valuable thing
Everyone knows we’re bankrupt
We're bankrupt, we…
Commentary: Liberals & Conservatives Unite for America’s Future
A basic political re-alignment appears underway in the United States.  A few days ago a pundit from the left criticized the large slate of Republican candidates for taking a more populist stance.  This latest criticism is a remarkable change after years of charges Republicans were mainly t…

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