Race Wars in Twin Falls? (Opinion)
Over the weekend, an acquaintance sent me an e-mail about a brawl at a local tavern.  She had gone to the place on 4th Avenue West in Twin Falls to see a friend’s band in action when a fight erupted.
Trump Laments His Big Mouth (Opinion)
Some friends from out of state are telling me they had difficulty with today’s web stream.  I’ve collected some video highlights from today’s show and can share them below.  Keep in mind I try and save one or two show segments every day and y…
Powder Keg: Charlotte, North Carolina (Opinion)
A riot is just one step below civil war.  What’s going on in Charlotte, North Carolina hints at the latter.  Let’s be honest, no one wins in these violent outbursts.  Or, the only winner will be the government, which has most of the planet&CloseCurlyQuo…
The Trump Take on Terrorism (Opinion)
We need to get serious about domestic terrorism.  Donald Trump may be just the man for the job.  Today on Top Story, much of the program focused on the latest terrorist attacks in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.  I noticed I had no telephone calls or emails from whining liberals..…

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