Roman Catholic

One Very Big Church!
The largest church I’ve ever visited is on the grounds of Catholic University in Washington.  It’s among the largest in North America.  There is also the Cathedral of St. Helena in Helena, Montana.
Why Religion Matters (Opinion)
Idahoans have a healthy fear of God.  A fellow who works for state government told me an estimated 80 percent of the people in his hometown are regular church goers.
Hurricane Hillary Destroys America (Opinion)
Just over 3 weeks to the potential of Hurricane Hillary is unleashed on the United States.  Clinton promises to erase borders and to give voters everything for free.  Impossible?  Of course but in politics the promise takes a backseat to the power...
Religion-of-Peace Beheads Man-of-God (Opinion)
The religion-of-peace opened its day by beheading an 86-year-old priest.  The old man was celebrating Daily Mass at a Roman Catholic Church in Normandy (for you liberals it’s in France and was the home of William the Conqueror and a great battle in 1944)...

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