Since I've been writing a lot lately about great places to eat throughout the region, let me share with you the first restaurant I ever visited in Twin Falls.  I arrived here in December 2014.  My first month was spent living in a hotel.  I would heat my meals in the small microwave oven in my room.  The tuna noodle casserole from Fred Meyer was ok, but I wanted a good home-cooked meal.  I would pass the Depot Grill going to and from work.  My new friends at the office told me I had to make a stop.

I had some fried chicken on my first visit, which is often culturally associated with the Deep South.  I've had fried chicken in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.  Some of it is very good.  None is any better than what I had at Depot Grill.

I've gotten out of the habit since the so-called pandemic, but I also used to visit the Depot Grill every Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m.  Some mornings for pancakes and eggs.  Some mornings for burgers and fries (I keep odd hours and don't consider a cheeseburger unusual in the morning).

One of my most memorable moments in Broadcasting (and a great honor) was to host a live show from the restaurant to celebrate its 100th anniversary.  That was five years ago!  I also get together there with friends for a Christmas Eve meal.  The back dining room always has the feel of the holiday.

Take a moment and consider how many generations of Idahoans have dined at the Depot Grill.  Names like Mark Felt, Jim Boatwright, and Christina Hendricks probably all had a meal there.

It's an institution.

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