Some of you joined us for our live broadcast at Depot Grill. 

Someday the bear gets you. When he does you can spend your money with the local folks.

The locally owned restaurant is one of several places in Twin Falls still in private hands.  Growth in the city has also brought new challengers for dining choices.

After Wednesday’s show, I decided a comparison was in order.  A new chain restaurant opened in my neighborhood this week and I had coupons for a lunch discount and for a free dessert.

I ordered a cheeseburger.  I figure it’s a standard point of measurement.  I like burgers with a sweeter taste similar to what you get when eating venison.  I find some chain restaurants compensate for flavor by loading up on condiments.

After lunch, the cashier didn’t want to honor my lunch coupon.  It didn’t have a barcode even though I printed it at the same time as the dessert coupon.  It had a black rectangle.  With others standing behind me and listening to the conversation the cashier grudgingly honored the discount, but was quite showy in insisting next time I better bring my car code.  As if there’ll be a next time!  By the way, I’m not a big dessert guy.  If not for the coupon associated with the grand opening, I’m not sure I would ever pay 5 dollars for a cookie with half-a-scoop of ice cream.  Advantage:  Depot Grill.  Someday the bear gets you.  When he does you can spend your money with the local folks.

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