The Train wreck challenge is a food challenge at Depot Grill in Twin Falls. Recently, a competitive eater decided to come to Twin Falls and ate all that food in a little over 10 minutes. The previous champion decided he wanted his title back and added a little extra flare.

Raina Huang ate 6 pancakes, 1 pound of sausage and some eggs on the Train Wreck Challenge and ate it in a little over 10 minutes. When the local man who previously owned the record found out, he decided to take back his title and add an additional 4 eggs to the challenge. Billy Rice ate it all in 9:03.

I went into Depot Grill over the weekend and they told me that whoever holds the title can come in one day a month for a free meal. When Billy came in for his free meal and found out that it wasn't valid anymore, he wasn't going to stand for it. Now if Raina wants the title back she is going to have to come back here and try to claim it.

The Train Wreck will cost you $29.99 if you don't finish it. If you do finish it, you get the meal for free. I am trying to figure out how to eat the pancakes alone let alone the rest of that giant plate of craziness.

Either way, congratulations to Billy Rice, you got your title back and enjoy that free meal each month until someone has the stomach to beat you, if that is even possible.

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