The Twin Falls Animal Shelter and Wills Toyota have partnered together to try and get a pair of senior dogs looking for a new home. The 12-year-old dogs were owner surrendered and they are bonded, so they must be adopted together.

Before anyone starts to get angry that the owners surrendered them, we do not know the story behind the owners. For all we know the owners passed away and the family could not take them, maybe the owner is ill and can't take care of them and has no family to help, or their family can't help. Whatever the situation may be, yes it is sad these two are up for adoption after 12 years in a home. The important thing is we try to get them a home together.

Kelso is a border collie and Yukon is a Siberian Husky. They are very well-behaved and have always been indoor dogs, so they should probably stay inside.

So if you have enough room in your heart to take on two senior dogs that have a lot of life left in them, these two are looking for you. They are good with cats and other dogs. They really love people according to the Twin Falls Animal Shelter. And Wills Toyota has offered to pay their adoption fees so they can find the perfect home for them.

Just look at those faces, they look like they want nothing but love. Senior dogs are hard to get adopted out. People really want puppies and I get that. I just hope there is someone with an open heart looking to help two old pups retire together.

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