Of all the mountains in the world, few are more easily recognizable than the Grand Tetons. One of the benefits of living in Idaho is the fact that they're within easy driving distance of us. My family traveled there this weekend and captured these pics which are proof once again why they are so iconic.

Iconic is the only way to describe them.

The Grand Tetons didn't need our pictures as proof of their awesomeness. Even though I've seen images for years, there is no replacement for actually seeing them for yourself.

If you've never taken the trek, it's a very reasonable 4 to 5 hour drive from Twin. We stopped for gas in Jackson, Wyoming and had no idea what incredible treat awaited us a few miles ahead.

You obviously see the southern part of the range when you're making your way towards Grand Teton National Park from the south. But, there's no way to describe just how breathtaking they are when you finally crest the hill when they finally are completely visible.


Our timing was perfect, also. We arrived just before noon when the sun was still on the east side lighting up the peaks with just a little snow remaining on top. We were also blessed to choose a day that had almost no clouds in the sky.

Side note: Google what "tetons" means in French and then blush when you realize that some frisky French dudes named these when they were first discovered.

Don't settle for pictures. It's impossible to do these majestic mountains justice. Iconic is the only way to describe them.

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